CES is an industrial distributor that specializes in cutting tool applications. We are recognized by customers and vendors as a distributor with exceptional technical experience. In fact, our “Competitive Edge” is that we offer technical solutions for our customers along with the products we sell.

Our Products include but are not limited to:

Drills, Endmills, Taps/Dies, Tool holders/Collets, Reamers, Band Saws, Inspection and Gaging, Abrasives, Safety Equipment, Hand Tools, Power Tools

Our Services include:

  • Technical Support
  • Custom Tool Application Support (specials)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs
  • Automated Tool Dispensing Systems
  • Tool Reconditioning Services
  • Customized Billing and Reporting

Our Vision Statement:

CES is committed to providing service of the highest quality to our customers. Our dedicated staff will work with your company personnel to ensure that your requirements are being met. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining a long term value based relationship with our customers. We want to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to meet or exceed your expectations.